Monday, January 13, 2014


If this doesn't give you a reason to think about how you vote, I don't know what will. This comment is from an Everett Herald article about the bond/levy vote in February. Comments are found under the article at their website.  I wish I knew who this was - they deserve a raise and our respect.  They want what's good for the kids.  


"I work in the maintenance department of the school district so this must remain anonymous for my own protection, however I just can not vote for this. The complete waste and siphoning of money from my department must stop and our workers restored so we can have safe, healthy schools for these children. The custodians alone are still working under the 2009 budget cut and desperately need new equipment of their buildings and safety while our trades workers can barely keep up with demand or buy the proper materials with the constant squeeze from management. 

This levy and bond money will only be grabbed from the taxpayers without their blessings and fed into the admins bloated budget while we plebeians suffer. 

I will be voting no."

  • Since 1995, the number of students in the Everett School District has increased by 9% but the budget has increased by 26% (adjusted for inflation).
  • According to a capacity report by the Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), Everett High School is about 600 students UNDER capacity.*  
  • Over 61% of your property taxes go to fund schools in Washington.
  • Everett is in the top 7% of highest property taxes in the state.  
  • This Bond vote could have been delayed until the August 2014 Primary Election to give the school board time to really find out why it failed the first time, but would have required the school district to provide a information to the voters both FOR and AGAINST the funding.  
  • The School Board is not bound by the list of projects they present with the Bond?  Bond money can be used any way the school board would like to use it despite any lists of projects presented to the public. 
  • The District anticipates an additional $16.5 million in State Construction Assistance Funds in addition to the $259 million we give them) in the next period of the bond and gives themselves the opportunity to upgrade administrative facilities with that money rather than stating they will prioritize student facility needs FIRST.  
  • The proposed new high school may not be built for 10 years and the district doesn't even own all the land it needs to build it.  
  • The quarter billion dollars the ESD is asking for on the Bond is the highest amount ever requested from Everett voters and they have suggested that the next one will be over $300 million.  
  • The Everett School Board believes that approving monthly vouchers (checks) with a unanimous vote called the "Consent Agenda" satisfies the state requirement for an Auditing Committee and means that all money is being spent appropriately and they don't need to look into expenditures beyond that.  

Check out the informal poll we took on social media and other websites.  This was early in the period of polling, however, throughout the time period we kept the poll active, this is how the results consistently looked.  The district claims that voters didn't get enough good information or received misinformation - and, in fact, someone friendly to the district tried to skew the poll by selecting "I didn't get enough information" many times over many days from the same IP address.  However, when that duplicate IP address was removed from the statistics,  the actual true poll says something different. 

*$file/2012%20State%20Study%20and%20Survey.pdf (Pages 211 and 254)